A geocache containerGeocaching is an outdoor game in which people use a GPS device to find hidden containers. Within the container is a logbook to sign, as well as a few small items to swap if you want. You can then log your find on a website.

A variety of GPS devices can be used for geocaching. A popular option is the Garmin Etrex range, as these are fairly small, waterproof, rugged, and not too expensive (from about £80).

Garmin Etrex and smartphoneMost smartphones and tablets have GPS built in, so can be used for geocaching with a suitable app. Some options include:

There are several geocaches hidden within Boblainy Forest. They can be logged on or Opencache.UK.

Blue Bonnet HillBlue Bonnet Hill

A short walk from the forest entrance at Ardendrain.

The Babbling BurnAllt Caoiche

Beside the Allt Caoiche, a small stream in the forest. The cache is just off the main track through the forest, about 3.5km from the forest entrance at Culburnie. It is a reasonable quality gravel track, so it is possible to cycle most of the way.

The Hidden WaterfallCulnaskiach Falls

Near Culnaskiach Falls, a waterfall deep within the forest.


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